Swaziland’s BGP 50th

Big Game Parks

50th Anniversary Celebrations for Nature Conservation in Swaziland


The 50th Anniversary Celebrations which were held this last Saturday, the 11th of July 2014, at Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary, were graced by the attendance of His Majesty King Mswati III of Swaziland.  He expressed his concern at the increase in both rhino and elephant poaching on the African continent and recognised the challenges facing all involved in Nature Conservation.  


He pledged his own support for the people who fight the battle against poachers on a daily basis and encouraged all the people of Swaziland to play their part as the benefit to the economy, in the attraction of tourists, will be as important for future generations as it is now.  


Ted Reilly, the director of Big Game Parks, thanked the King for his support of nature Conservation, and urged him to consider more stringent measures, such as the Non-Bailable Offences Act, in order to combat poaching more effectively.


Big Game Parks 50 years


Tracy & du Plessis Game Capture were extremely honoured to be invited to this event and fully support the Nature Conservation effort in Swaziland.


In between the ceremonies, our two budding marketeers, Gary and Ross Tracy, assisted on the Stop Rhino Poaching stand, and were delighted to hand over a tidy sum to Mickey Reilly at the end of the day.

Gary and Ross Tracy assisting on the Stop Rhino Poaching stand

Gary and Ross Tracy. Stop Rhino Poaching Stand

Handing over the proceeds to Mickey Reilly

Handing over the proceeds to Mickey Reilly