NYALA – An enduring favourite

11 July 2014


An enduring favourite.

It is with amazement that we are all following the rise in the price of Nyala in Southern Africa, with the trend extending as far as Namibia.

At first I was taken aback, as was everybody who witnessed the steady climb in the price of Nyala on the South African market. I had in the past considered the market saturated, as the price for a family group of Nyala has remained at a steady R 5,000-00 to R 6,000-00 mark for the past four to five years.


During mid 2013 the price of Nyala moved to about R 6,800.00 and remained as such until the beginning of the 2014 season when at the WRSA KWAZULU NATAL the price of Nyala climbed to R 8,500.00. This notwithstanding the fact that there were well over 700 Nyala on offer for the day. This price became the benchmark overnight and I was of the opinion that it had reached its ceiling.


How wrong I was! This was only the beginning.
Prices of R 20,000.00 (delivered) have become the norm and who knows when it’s going to plateau out ..


This got me thinking as to why I had not seen the price hike coming and why I had missed out on the ship coming in.
As I have already mentioned I thought the market was saturated and that there was no more demand for these beautiful antelope and this is precisely where I had gone wrong.


The Nyala remains one of the most handsome of the male antelope species and the dainty females among the most beautiful. It is indeed a privilege to farm with them.
Couple this to the ease with which they can be intensively ranched once they have settled in and I can now understand why their demand was just waiting to be discovered.


Nyala take readily to lucerne and pellets and as long as males are separated with their harems there is no rocket science in getting them to multiply.


Their ability to tame down can be seen at a number of game lodges and camps where one will find Nyala placidly browsing amongst guests and their dwellings . This same attribute is seen in the camps of the intensive ranching fraternity where Nyala are often put into enclosures that house grazers so as to utilize the browse that would otherwise be wasted.


Having been caught once with my pants down and having given the situation a little thought, I have come to the conclusion that Nyala still have legs and will remain a good investment for the foreseeable future.


It is great that this quiet, timid antelope has been given the credit that it is due and long may its popularity last.

Grant Tracy


A few of the Nyala we currently have for sale


Nyala Male

Nyala Male

Nyala Females

Nyala Females – 1st group

Nyala Females - 2nd group

Nyala Females – 2nd group